Ali Coutts

Well it’s true what they say, life is a journey.  That might be a rather over-used and perhaps misunderstood phrase in its seeming generality, but to me it’s how I relate to the stages of my life...

I started significantly questioning my place in what I deemed, ‘life on the hamster wheel’ in my late teens and at that point it took me off travelling for a couple of years in Australia, Asia, the USA and Poland.

Before and after that, my work life was guided by my sense that for me, to make decisions based on the heart, and doing things I cared about was the way to go.  This took me into exciting experiences in the worlds of television, charity, music, advertising and faith, in no particular order and sometimes repeated!

These days I aspire to simplicity of approach to life, and the name of my and my friend’s business, 'Gently be' sums it up rather nicely!  I enjoy a variety of personal practises like yoga and meditation, and I keep an open mind so new experiences keep popping up.  I believe I am here, not to prove anything, but to experience, learn and have some fun!

So my desire to ‘get off the wheel’ is now being fulfilled, nothing was wasted along the way, and I am delighted to be merging all my varied experience and skills together in Gently be, enjoying running the organisation, communication and hospitality areas, to running Yoga classes and not least holding wonderful Laughter Yoga sessions (for Seniors is a particular favourite), and a bit more besides!


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