Caroline Edwards

Caroline’s journey started when she experienced feeling lighter and brighter after a laughter session. A feeling she had not felt for a long time.  Wanting to share this she trained as a Laughter Leader and formed the Cotswold Laughter Club which was featured in Saga magazine in June 2015.  With a background in teaching and personal development Caroline trained as a Laughter Teacher to be able to train other Laughter Leaders.  Caroline is able to provide a practical approach to integrating laughter yoga techniques into work and home life.

Caroline has provided sessions for the NHS, Saïd Business Schools, various carers groups and several local Women’s Institutes among others.

What others have said about Caroline

‘Inspiring and full of wonderful energy and passion for what you do.’

‘You have a wonderful gift of compassion & willingness to really go beyond yourself to reach others.’

‘Keep on doing ‘laughter’ it’s what you were born for.’


  • Caroline Edwards
  • 01993 823332
  • , Cotswolds, United Kingdom

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